Lights, camera, action! One scroll over Kwanele Lisa Nyongo’s Instagram page and you would think that she is a supermodel! 

Popularly known as Lisa, this girl is not all about beauty, she has brains as well. 

A UKZN graduate, the 24-year-old Lisa holds a degree in Supply Chain Management and Marketing.


Now a social media micro-influencer, she has her sights set on being the next Mihlali Ndamase, or even soar higher than her. “I’ve always been a person that loves taking pictures and social media has been a huge part of my life. From connecting with people in different parts of the world to expressing myself by sharing pictures and videos.” 


And of course, money is always a good motivation to do something. The bonus for Lisa was that she could also use her skills to get money. “When I found out I could make money out of it as my own brand, I decided to pursue it with the knowledge I gained from my degree as it also included social media marketing. Since then I have made it my passion to learn, pursue it as a career and I also hope to grow in the influencer industry.”

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