Ntokozo Mchunu


From the time that Ntokozo Mchunu started working as a radio presenter at the young age of 12 years for Radio Khwezi and then won awards as best presenter and best overall winner after her first show, her name had been written in the stars.

Since then, she has been a marvel to watch as she continued to excel in all that she does and has dreams of prospering even further. “I appreciate that you think I have achieved much already,” she says humbly, “But there is still a very long way to go. I believe that I have a particular mandate to fulfil that comes from God and like one of my favourite authors, Nobuntu Webster, says: ‘it has a lot of tasks, tests and assignments.”

Her biggest dream is to have a foundation that funds schools in rural and township areas to enable them to run and operate smoothly. “Lately, I’ve been dreaming of building a school of entrepreneurial and academic excellence in either my community or any other community God has called me to. My short-term dreams include being a TV drama director and talk show host.

With all of these dreams being made bare, her focus right now is solely on completing her Master’s degree and engaging herself with the community of Grahamstown. “The plan is to stay here for as long as God wants me to serve this community through documentary storytelling and other things.”

She speaks passionately about serving her community and doing so with integrity. “Serving with integrity is something I believe Christ did. He was a man who was extremely selfless and all about God’s people. I want to live a life of love and selflessness as much as I can. No matter how difficult it may be, I just want to do things that will serve the community God has called me to.” She adds that: “If this idea of ‘success’ and pursuit of education and excellence does not serve my community then it is pointless. So, I want to use the skills that I have to empower the youth and disempower the victim mindset.”

As a woman who feels so strongly about integrity, she encourages each of us to also tap into our own sense of integrity. “Our nation is full of corrupt leaders, our industries are managed by people and gatekeepers who have no integrity, no compassion and are all about themselves. It has to change, and it can only start with each individual making a deliberate decision towards that change.”

To do this, one can start with the little things- talks and prayers with the youth. “I have a special fondness towards young people in high school as I believe that is where our future lies. I would love to give talks that empower us spiritually and mentally because that will determine our economic empowerment as well.

And on the note of empowerment, Ntokozo’s message to young girls is simple: “Dear young girl, dare to be the difference you want to see around you. May you be spiritually empowered.” With empowerment, spread love as well. “There is no empowerment where there is no love. Women’s Day is a day where we are reminded of how empowered we always have been as women and how much love we carry and still need to give out.”

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