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When former Miss Universe, Zozibini Tunzi won the pageant in 2019, she had a very clear message for girls all around the world- take up space! Dabbling in being a radio DJ, MC, media personality and model, Minenhle Alungile Linda Jr Ntuli is certainly taking the advice of Zozi.

Born in KwaMaphumulo, the all-round entertainer needs no introduction. Minnie (as she’s popularly known), first made her claim to fame in 2017 when she auditioned for Idols SA and although she did not win, she made it all the way to the top 16 and is grateful for journey. “Idols was a whirlwind of emotions- it was challenging yet memorable and unforgettable, even life changing because honestly, how many people leave the competition and be blessed as I have been? I work with so many brands and organizations and that opportunity was because of my time on Idols so I am very grateful.” Adjusting to life after Idols proved to be smooth sailing for the bubbly personality and she does not think it has anything to do with working hard, but rather carrying out her purpose. “If I’m being honest, I don’t recognize it as working hard when you are aligned with your purpose. You want to do more of it because nothing else makes sense.” Her passion lies in cooking and radio and making her choose either is nearly impossible. “Imagine someone asking you to choose your favourite child,” she laughs. “I can’t choose one because they serve a different purpose in my life that is fulfilling. But just so you know, cooking gave me access to radio and to people’s hearts and in turn, that same radio saved me from depression.” As it is youth month, we couldn’t let the former UKZN student representative council member go without picking her brain on youth issues. Just as all quotes go, she emphasizes the importance of education. “Education, education, education. Education gives access and enlightens. There are so many gaps in the access to the “free” education that people think exist and mostly affects the black child in this day and age...imagine! education will always be number 1 to me.” She goes on to say that: “Documented history will always make the current generation look less than. So if you ask me if we are as brave as the youth of 1976 then id say no. but if you ask, are we fired up then yes because we have social media and that is our power.” The youth of 1976 died physically for what they believed in, and today’s youth dies emotionally and I cannot tell you which is worse.

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