“It’s during these times that you look back and really understand the meaning of the oath we took and how important it is to put your patients first” - Dr N.P.M Nkwanyana

On this month's offering, we got up close and personal with creative icon Sthandiwe Kgoroge. Get the full article on the November edition of Explore Ilembe.

Though taste cafe is a small business, the work they have done is far reaching. Young people are inspired by the strides that this establishment and owner have made. They have displayed and proven to have a huge impact within the community and the outlook on entrepreneurship.

Meet Zinhle Madela “iduku laseMandeni”

They say that a child’s name is the first prophecy that a parent speaks upon the child's life. In fact, even scientists believe that names produce a Dorian Gray effect that influences a person’s personality. When his parents named him Talent, they couldn’t have imagined just how talented their son would turn out to be.

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